Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions or concerns you may have regarding Air Conditioning Cleaning, please contact us.

Q) Why Is It Important To Service My Air Conditioning Unit?

A) Without the regular maintenance and upkeep of your unit, you will start to see the build of mould, dust, bacteria and DNA particles. This will cause your unit to work harder, reducing the efficiency to cool and heat. 

You can also experience any of the following from a dirty air conditioning unit:

- Flu-like symptoms

- Nose, eye and throat irritation 

- Headaches

- Respiratory issues

Q) How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioning Unit Serviced?

A) It is recommended to increase the life span of your unit, maintain the units efficiency and ensure there is no build up mould, dirt bacteria and dust you should be getting your unit majorly serviced every 12 months.

Q) Are You Fully Qualified?

A) Yes! We come from an Electrical background and hold all necessary qualifications (we are ARC TICK Certified) and have all the right training to be working on your units!

Q) What Services Do You Offer?

A) We have many services that cater to each individual circumstance. 

- Minor Services

- Major Services

- Ducted Services

- Cassette Services

We cater to all residential and commercial customers! 

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